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Luca & Krizso


They met in 2015 in a theatre production, since Luca is originally a cultural organiser (programme manager) and Krizso is a producer (music composer), but until 2019 they were unaware of the fact that they lived 2 corners from each other. In the summer of 2019, they ran into each other and immediately became good friends. It was soon revealed that both of them suffered through their childhood and youth 😀 in the northern part of Budapest, in 2 neighbouring suburban districts. As they nostalgically recalled post-communist memories, Jeroen’s idea of “decadence tours” popped up, which Krizso had wanted to bring to fruition for quite a while, however, when he met his partner it became clear that Luca was the first one with whom he could imagine this!


There’s a hidden personal story behind every great idea. Our friend, Jeroen Frantzen moved to Budapest in the early 2000s, and he was quite attracted to the typical ambience that socialism left in our country and in several others. He worked and observed the world as a documentary director and script writer. The original idea for the name “Decadence Tours” was his, and he also defined the fundaments of our concept. When we were brainstorming about what should we show you, it always occurred to us to view the locations with his eyes too, what made him laugh the most, or what did he find the weirdest here, at us. We wish you all the best in the far beyond Jeroen, Offtours is a little bit of You also.


Andi hEKLI / Operations, technical sTUFF

Krisztián vRANIK / CEO / Founder

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